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Thursday, June 5, 2008

21 movie & the Monty Hall Paradox

The movie is about 5 MIT students(of course you know the MIT, right?) who used their math skills to calculate the odds of winning a 21 game (Blackjack) -- they proved that the game is beatable by use of excellent memory and math skills, hand signals and sharp eyes. We are talking of thousands of dollars of winnings here and weekend of Vegas nightlife! ...and they are all just students.

I'm particularly reminded in the first scenes of the movie, (where the the main actor gained reputation) in a math class where Ben Campbell, was asked to solve a 3-door puzzle.. and Ben solved it easliy. I think it's called
Monty Hall paradox, (just google the term for description, it's really a lengthy discussion) i stumbled upon that puzzle years ago, and it's interesting to know this probability puzzle and how surprising the solution is. I'm gonna post that in here, if i have time (umm maybe)

Anyway, we're talking here of the movie, so, am gonna give this movie an 8/10 rating! this is based on REAL story by the way, of
real MIT Blackjack Team.


Patty Infinity said...

wow, that's sure some great movie. but I don't think I'm enthusiastic about the math concept. I don't like math.^^ but since I also find it interesting, I might check that out.:) Thanks for the drop. Take care.

Rachelle said...

seems like an interesting movie. but geez, math. haha.

CyberJake said...

hey, the movie is not entirely on math.. or else it would be boring! heheh. it's a comedy, thriller, romance and action rolled into one!

@Patty: i read your blog's phone model entry and you really should be interested in math and the 'theory of probability' --- random similar occurrences, if repeated many times will establish an statistical pattern. so, maybe it's not just coincidences, it's destiny.hehehe :D

@Rachelle: i like your taxi driver post. funny! hehe

Ella Arime Star said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ella Arime Star said...

hi, just blog hopping. btw, nice blog.

my brother saw this movie & he liked it as well. i want to see it! i think its very interesting. (the whole concept; i like math but im not a genius at it!)

take care!

CyberJake said...

thanks ella. yeah, i'm sure you'll like it too! ;)

Patty Infinity said...

WOW. I really don't believe in destiny, Cyberjake. But I think I'll reconsider. Thanks.:)

Link ex?

CyberJake said...

words of wisdom:

Don't argue with destiny. :p

yep. you got linked. thanks!