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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Animal Partnership (in Crime)

Honeyguide (aka Indicator Bird) loves honey, beeswax and waxworms.. which can be found in a beehive---BUT the bird had no way in getting into the beehive without being mobbed by swarm of bees and getting stung to death.


Honey Badger (aka Ratel, named as most fearless animal by Guinness World Records) have such great appetite for honey and beeswax, which can be found in beehives---BUT, it is very difficult to find beehives and it requires great effort and risks being eaten too by intruding unknown territories...

HOWEVER, nature has ways for these two entirely different creatures to forge into alliance...

The two different species has symbiotic relationship to get their common objective.. the Indicator bird is in the one in charge of finding beehives, which is easy to do because of her flying ability,..

as soon as it finds a target, this bird will then guide the Badger to the site---the badger is now in charge of getting the beeswax and honey which is easy to do because of its strong claws and protected by thick fur and skin from bee's sting...

then, after getting what they want, the two will share the loot! Cool!


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